NYC Taxidermy Collective

Award winning professionals serving all your taxidermy needs

We are a team of artists and award winning professionals with a passion for wildlife. Coming from varying backgrounds and experiences, we all have different skills and specialties, but share common ground in our love for the art of taxidermy. And being the best in the big city! No matter what you are looking for, chances are we have got it. Quality and integrity are key, so we handle the process from start to finish and deal only in original works-we are not in the business of re-selling vintage or freeze dried specimens (unless you need something from our library as a rental). Depending on the project, we work both collaboratively and individually, with a focus on building a community of reputable professionals, animal lovers, and educating the public on the wild and varied history of taxidermy.

All the specimens we use are humanely sourced, and you can get an idea of our individual sourcing processes, and who we are, at our individual sites

Divya Anantharaman - Friends Forever Taxidermy 

Emily Binard - E. Binard Designs 

Krysta Capozzi - K.C. Creations 

Katie Innamorato - Afterlife Anatomy 

Tanis Meyer Thornton - Natura Morte 

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